1932 - 1987 Classic Chevy pickup parts for your
Classic Chevrolet Pickup restoration needs

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1932-87 Chevy/GMC Pickup

1964-72 Chevelle
1964-81 Camaro
1955-57 Tri-5
1962-74 Nova and Chevy II

Centrally located right here in the heart of Oklahoma.  We've been serving this industry for 16 years and counting.  We've grown with the demand now encompassing a 40,000 sq foot showroom with another 3 warehouses stocked full of antique & classic auto parts for sale online or give us a call 1-800-354-4040 .  The inventory lines have expanded as well covering 1932-80 Pickups, 1955-57 Chevy, 1964-72 Chevelle, 1967-81 Camaro & 1962 - 74 NOVA ! 

We here at Classic Chevrolet Parts are proud to operate our website as part of our total commitment to providing our current and potential customer, the best possible service. Whether you are restoring your pride & joy or using it every day, we know that if you need a part, you want a dependable and knowledgeable supplier who can get it delivered to you as fast as possible, at the best price.

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1932-80 Chevy/GMC Pickup
1955-57 Tri-5
1964-72 Chevelle
1967-81 Camaro
1962-74 Nova

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Classic Chevy Pickup Restoration Parts Catalog

accelerator cable
accelerator pedal
accelerator springs
Accessories and restoration
accessory traffic light viewer
accessory vent shades
air cleaner assembly
air cleaner decals
air conditioner and dash parts
air conditioner bezel set
air conditioner blower motor
air conditioner compressor switch
air conditioner condenser
air conditioner control assembly
air conditioner dash vent
air conditioner evaporator core
air conditioner hose with muffler
air conditioner shut-off valve
air conditioner vacuum actuator
air conditioner vent
air conditioner wiring harness
air pump belts
alternator belts
alternator conversion bracket set
American AutoWire
ammeter gauge assembly
arm rest ash tray
arm rest
ash tray bumper
ash tray knob

back-up lamp lens gasket
back-up lens assembly
back-up switch
ball joint
battery cables
battery hold down frame
battery hold down hardware
battery mat
bed floors
bed parts
Bed side panels
bed stake pockets
bed strip bolt kits
bed strips
bedside hole caps
bezel - air conditioner
bezel - dash cluster
bezel - fuel selector switch
bezel - instrument
bezel - tail lamp
bezel insert - woodgrain
Billet Specialties
blackwall tires
Blazer rear inner side interior trim panel
blower resistors
body insulation sheeting
body moldings
bolt kit - radiator support
bolt kits
brake and wheel parts
brake cable
brake drums
brake fluid
brake front wheel cylinder
brake hose
brake line set
brake master cylinder repair kit
brake master cylinder
brake plate adjusting hole cover
brake rear wheel cylinder
brake shoes
brake/clutch pedal pad
Bubba Bilt
bumper - ash tray
bumper - hood set
bumper bolt kit
bumper bolts
bumper bracket
bumper deflectors
bumper stickers

cab mount kit
cab rear outer panel
cab to floor support
Cameo bed side kit
Cameo tailgate emblem
car covers
carburetor rebuild kit
cargo lamp bulb
cargo lamp lens
cargo light kit
center console
center drag link assembly
center grill support
chassis and electrical parts
choke knob
chrome bolt kits
cigarette lighter assembly
Classic Performance Parts
clutch fork boot
clutch offset rod
clutch pedal shaft bushing
complete body bolt kit
complete wiring harness
control arm bushing
cowl bolt kit
cowl panel
cowl screen
cowl vent grill
crank pulley
cross sills
crossmember mount
Custom AutoSound
custom script cab side molding

Dakota Digital
dash and toe panel
dash cap
dash cluster bezel
dash garnish molding
dash gauge refacing kit
dash knob kit
dash pad emblem
dash pads
dash wiring harness
defroster cable with knob
defroster hose
dimmer switch
disc brake conversion kit
disc brake master cylinder
distributor cap
distributor gear unit
distributor rotor
dome lamp assembly
door and interior parts
door and kick panel carpet
door and rear window molding
door anti-rattler kit
door assembly
door edge guards

door emblem
door glass run
door glass
door handle
door hinge bolt kit
door hinge pin
door hinge spring
door hinge
door latch assembly
door latch control and link
door lock button
door lock knob
door panel fastener kit
door panel trim
door pawl
door seal kit
door sill bolt kit
door sill plate
door striker plate
door vent glass
door window glass track
door window run channel
door window switch
drip rail molding
drop spindles

electric fuse block
Electric Life
electric wiper motors
emblem - Cameo tailgate
emblem - dash pad
emblem - door
emblem - front fender
emblem - glove box door
emblem - grill
emblem - hood side
emblem - rear quarter panel
emblem - tailgate
embroidered floor mats
emergency brake clevis pin
emergency brake pedal assembly
emergency brake release knob
emission decals
engine compartment decals
engine parts
engine wiring harness
exterior door handle gasket
exterior door handle
exterior door lock set
exterior rearview mirror
exterior sun visor
exterior trim bolt kit

fan belts
fan shroud
fender bolt kit
fender to cab seals
fender welting
fiber optic cable
firewall assembly
firewall cover
firewall grommet set
Flaming River
floor mat
flywheel assembly
front bed panels
front brake cable
front brake drums
front brake hose
front bumper bracket
front bumper guards
front cab to floor support
front drop springs
front fender brace
front fender emblem
front fender patch
front fender skirt
front fenders
front floor lower section
front floor pan
front spring bumper
front spring shackle kit
front wheel outer bearing
fuel filter unit
fuel gauges
fuel line hose
fuel lines
fuel pumps
fuel selector switch bezel
fuel tank filter
fuel tank sealer
fuel tank wiring harness
fuel, exhaust and carburetor parts
full door skin
fuse panel
fuzzy dice

gas cap
gas tank cover
gas tank etch
gas tank etch
gas tank filler hose
gas tank neck grommet
gas tank sending units
gas tank strap
gas tanks
gasket - back-up lamp lens
gasket - exterior door handle
gasket - mirror arm
gasket - side vent
gasket - Suburban side window
gasket - tail light lens
gaskets - park lamp lens
gauge cluster assembly
gear shift knob
Gennie Shifter
glass setting tape
glove box appliqué
glove box door emblem
glove box door hinges
glove box door
glove box lock and key
glove box
gravel shield
grill emblem
grommet and bumper kit

handle scratch shield
hatch to glass seal
head lamp assembly
head lamp beam adjusting spring
head lamp doors
head lamp reflector
headlight knob
headlight switch
headlight wiring harness
headliner retainer seal
heat vent
heater blower motor
heater cable with knob
heater control assembly
heater control rebuild kit
heater control valve
heater core
heater fan switch
heater knobs
heater water temperature valve
hitch caps
hood bumper set
hood center divider strip
hood front molding
hood hinges

hood latch panel
hood latch
hood ornament
hood prop kit
hood side emblem
hood to cowl seal
horn assembly
horn button retainer
horn button
horn relay
hose clamps
hub bolts

ignition coil
ignition points
ignition switch plug
ignition switches
ignition tumbler and key set
inner cab corner
inner cab step repair panel
Inner cowl kick panel
inner door bottom
inner front fender
inner tie rod end
inside door handle
inside rearview mirror
instrument bezel
Instrument cluster harness
instrument panel lens
instrument printed circuit board
interior decals
interior door panel insert
interior door panel
interior mirror bracket
interior sun visor bracket
interior sun visor
interior trim bolt kit

jack decals
junction block

key blanks
kick panels
knob - ash tray
knob - choke
knob - dash kit
knob - door lock
knob - emergency brake release
knob - gear shift
knob - headlight
knob - radio
knob - steering column
knob - throttle
knob - warmer
knob - window crank
knob - windshield wiper
knobs - heater

license frames
license lamp housing
license lamp lens
license plate bracket
license plates
lock set
locking gas cap
louvered rear roll pan
lower ball joint
lower door hinge bracket
lower door seals
lower grill valance
lower kick down rod swivel
lower radiator hose
lower radiator mounting pads

manual steering gear box
Master Power Brakes
mirror arm gasket
mirror heads
miscellaneous decals
Miscellaneous Street Rod
molding - custom script cab side
molding - dash garnish
molding - door and rear window
molding - drip rail
molding - hood front
molding clips
moleskin liner
Moon Eyes
motor mounts

neutral safety switch
non-locking gas cap

oil dipstick
oil filler cap
oil pressure gauge
one piece floor pan
one piece glass conversion kit
outer cab cowl panel
outer lower door skin
outer tie rod end
outside mirror arm
overdrive wiring harness

park brake cable clip
park brake pad
park lamp assembly
park lamp lens gaskets
park lamp lens
parking brake floor boot
parking brake handle
parking signs
pedal cars
pitman arm assembly
power steering bracket
power steering conversion kit
power steering pulleys

radiator cap
radiator hose
radiator mounting pads
radiator overflow tank
radiator support
radio antenna
radio dash face repair panel
radio face plate
radio knob
rag joint
rear axle control arm bushing
rear body light harness
rear brake cable
rear brake drums
rear brake hose
rear bumper bracket
rear bumper splash apron
rear cab corner glass
rear cab panel
rear cab to floor support
rear cargo door seal
rear fender bolt kit
rear fender bolt kit
rear fender
rear inner cab panel
rear leaf spring drop kit
rear motor mount
rear outer cab panel
rear quarter panel emblem
rear roll pan - louvered
rear roll pan - smooth
rear spring bushing
rear spring shackle kit
rear tail light section

rear window glass
rear window rubber
rebuild kit - carburetor
rebuild kit - heater control
rebuild kit - steering box
repair kit - brake master cylinder
repair kit - wheel cylinder
repair kit - window regulator
repair kit - windshield washer
repair panel - inner cab step
rocker panel
Rocky Hinge
rubber floor mat
running board bracket
running board seals
running board splash apron
running board step plates
running boards
rust seal

seal beam retaining rings
seal sealer
sealed beam head lamp
seat belt assembly
seat belt hardware
sheet metal and heater parts
shift indicator housing
shift indicator lens
shifter linkage arm
shock absorber link
shock absorber
side marker lamps
side vent control assembly
side vent gasket
smooth rear roll pan
sound deadener set
spark plug wire retainer
spark plug wires
spark plugs
specialty books
speed nuts
speedometer cable
speedometer gauge assembly
speedometer glass lens
splash apron
spring shackle kit
springs, shocks and bumper parts
steering box rebuild kit
steering column
steering column floor seal
steering column knob
steering wheels
steering worm thrust bearing
Street Rod
Suburban side window gasket
suspension and steering parts
sway bar kit

tachometer conversion kit
tail lamp assembly
tail lamp bezel
tail lamp bracket
tail lamp housing
tail lamp lens
tail lamp socket
tail light lens gasket
tailgate band appliqué
tailgate chain cover
tailgate chains
tailgate covers
tailgate emblem
tailgate handle relocator
tailgate handle
tailgate hinges
tailgate hooks
tailgate lock
tailgate seals
temperature gauges
terminal block
throttle cable with knob
throttle knob
tie rod adjusting sleeve
tie rod end
top seal kit
transmission and brake parts
transmission cover
transmission mount
transmission oil cooler
transmission shifter boot
turn signal canceling cam
turn signal lever
turn signal switch
turn signal wires

upper ball joint
upper control arm shaft
upper floor board
upper radiator hose
upper radiator mounting pads

vacuum advance mechanism
vacuum canister
vacuum gauge
valve cover decals
valve covers
vent window assembly
vent window frame with glass
vent window handle
vent window rear edge seal
Vintage Air
voltage reducer
voltage regulator
voltmeter gauge

warmer knob
water outlet
water pump pulley
water pumps
Watson's StreetWorks
wheel cover insert
wheel cylinder repair kit
wheel housing panel
wheel trim ring set
window crank knob
window crank
window division bar
window lift gate seal
window regulator repair kit
window regulator
windshield and mirror parts
windshield crank
windshield glass division bar
windshield glass
windshield rubber molding
windshield washer bottle
windshield washer pump
windshield washer repair kit
windshield wiper arm
windshield wiper blades
windshield wiper knob
windshield wiper linkage set
windshield wiper switch
woodgrain bezel insert